Chalet de luxe




414 Rue Principale
Saint-Sauveur QC
J0R 1R4
T. 450 227-2623

Gibbys is one of the best-known restaurants in the region. Located in the charming village of Saint-Sauveur, the idyllic background provides a perfect setting for Gibbys’ delightful ambience.


Le Marabou

358, rue Principale
Saint-Sauveur QC
J0R 1R0
T. 450 744-1210 or 450 694-1207

Groove gastronomy… Creative, delicious and inspired cuisine with emphasis on the freshness of the ingredients and international flavours.



11, Baker
Morin-Heights QC
J0R 1H0
T. 450-226-2218

Swiss, French and Canadian gastronomy prepared before your eyes on a wood-burning stove. Fondue, raclette and cordon bleu…


Bâton Rouge, restaurant & bar

120, chemin du lac Millette
Saint-Sauveur QC
J0R 1R6
T. 450 227-8878

Restaurant & bar located in St-Sauveur, 15 minutes from the chalet. Everyone will find his personal favorites.


IGA Morin-Heights

Morin-Heights QC
J0R 1H0‬

The grocery store is then minutes from the cottage. You can order online and they’ll deliver at the cottage.


Marché Vaillancourt

878, chemin du Village
Morin-Heights QC
J0R 1H0
T. 450 226-2215

Pizzas and sandwiches delivered to your cottage, as well as all grocery products.


Chez Bernard

407, rue Principale, suite 101
Saint-Sauveur QC
J0R 1R4
T. 450 240-0000

Chez Bernard offers a home catering service, meals delivered to your cottage and gourmet products.


La Cuisine Spontanée

392, rue Principale
Saint-Sauveur QC
J0R 1R0
T. 450 744-0545 or 1 866 306-2206

La Cuisine Spontanée offers you a top-quality catering service. The chef and his team will satisfy all your expectations.

Amérispa station Baltique

Amerispa Station Baltique

160, rue Watchorn
Morin-Heights QC
J0R 1H0
T. 1 866 263-7477

Nestled in the heart of a centennial forest in Morin-Heights, Amerispa Station Baltique offers you a sensational relaxing experience in a pure Nordic tradition.

Évasion Santé Spa

Évasion santé Spa

Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carré QC
J0T 1J2‬

The ecospa, or green spa, accords well-being with social responsibility.

Soins de santé, massage et Spa Relaxia


1699, chemin Mont-Gabriel
Sainte-Adèle QC
J8B 1A5
T. 450 229-7034

Nested at the top of mount Gabriel, Relaxia is a near divine experience!

Spa Ofuro à Morin-Heights

Spa Ofuro

777, chemin Saint-Adolphe
Morin-Heights QC
J0R 1H0
T. 1 877 884-2442

You will be charmed by Ofuro’s Japanese wooden architecture and its exceptional site.

Spa Le Refuge

Spa Le Refuge

500, route 364 Ouest
Morin-Heights QC
J0R 1H0
T. 1 866 996-1796

A eucalyptus-scented thermotherapy experience awaits you in all four seasons in a unique rustic setting.

Le Centre Équestre des Laurentides

Centre Équestre des Laurentides

50, rue Tamarack
Morin-Heights QC
J0R 1H0
T. 450 530-1998

Horse riding just a few minutes from the chalet !

Arbre en arbre Mirabel

D'Arbre en Arbre Mirabel

10 423, montée Sainte-Marianne
Mirabel QC
J7J 2B1
T. 450 433-9773

Within its forest park are 100 aerial challenges and activities, more than enough to provide strong sensations to children and adults alike.

Glissade en tube au Super Aqua club

Super Aqua Club

322, montée de la Baie
Pointe-Calumet QC
J0N 1G2
T. 1 877 473-1013

Super Aqua Club is an enchanting place where fun, laughter and magic meet.

Parc aquatique Mont Saint Sauveur

Parc aquatique Mont Saint-Sauveur

350, avenue St-Denis
Saint-Sauveur QC
J0R 1R3
T. 450 227-4671

The largest water park in a mountain setting. Parc aquatique Mont Saint-Sauveur is THE family experience.

Montagne russe alpine Le Vicking à St-Sauveur

Alpine Coaster Viking

350, avenue Saint-Denis
Saint-Sauveur QC
J0R 1R3
T. 450-227-4671
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Video of the Alpine Coaster Viking

This concept is initially based on summer toboggan; the single car slides freely in a series of steep descents and circular curves on a track cut through rugged mountain terrain.

Ski de fond dans le corridor aérobique

Corridor Aérobique cross-country skiing trails

50, chemin du Lac Écho
Morin-Heights QC
J0R 1H0
T. 450 226-1220

The municipality of Morin-Heights maintains a hundred miles long of trails for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. 45 miles are traced mechanically. It is also a member of Réseau de ski de fond des Laurentides..

Ski au Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc

Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carré QC
J0T 1J2

Mont Blanc is a large mountain with the atmosphere of a small. It has the size and variety to satisfy beginner as well as expert skiers.

Ski à Tremblant


1000, chemin des Voyageurs
Mont-Tremblant QC
J8E 1T1
T. 1 888 738-1777

International destination, furrowed by 95 tracks, the mountain dominates a breathtaking landscape. Taste the pure freedom, live Tremblant!

Ski de nuit au Mont Saint-Sauveur

Mont Saint-Sauveur

350, avenue Saint-Denis
Saint-Sauveur QC
J0R 1H0
T. 450-227-4671

Video of Mont Saint-Sauveur

15 minutes away from the chalet, Mont Saint-Sauveur is world’s largest evening ski resort.

Ski en famille à Morin-Heights

Ski Morin Heights

231, rue Bennett
Morin-Heights QC
J0R 1H0
T. 450 227-2020

A few minutes from the chalet, Morin Heights is a family-oriented ski resort settled in a microclimate taking advantage of abundant snowfall. A casual atmosphere and efficient chairlifts.


Alpine golf club

1466, rue des Copains
Sainte-Adèle QC
J8B 2A1
T. 1 800 361-3303

The Alpine golf club is located on an green illuminated site since 1910. Succumb to the charm of a nearly century-old place supported by legendary hospitality.


Golf Tremblant - Le Diable & Le Géant

Mont-Tremblant QC
J8E 1T1‬

Le Géant golf course will leave you breathless with the beauty of its scenery. Carved on the side of the mountain plateau, it sets a great view of the magnificent nature of the Laurentians.


The Royal Laurentien golf club

2237, chemin du Lac-Nantel Sud
Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carré QC
J0T 1J2
Tel : 1 877 470-5454

For many years now, the Royal Laurentien is ranked as one of the most beautiful golf courses in Quebec and Canada.


Le Balmoral golf club

100, chemin Balmoral
Morin-Heights QC
J0R 1H0
Tel : 450 226-5656

Located in Morin-Heights, Le Balmoral’s 18-hole is recognized for its top-level quality. It represents a challenge for golfers of all levels, from beginner to expert.


Golf Le Lachute

Lachute QC
J8H 3X5
Tel : 
450 562-5228‬

The Lachute among the most beautiful golf courses in Canada. The grass is always greener on us!

Vélo de montagne à Morin-Heights

Corridor aérobique

50, chemin du Lac Écho
Morin-Heights QC
J0R 1H0
T. 1 800 561-6673
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Once a 40 miles railway, it’s perfect for cyclists looking for a safe wilderness experience.